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Project Plan B is a commitment to tackling global environmental challenges faced by the textile industry. Branded Workwear has partnered Project Plan B as we share their belief that by redesigning the way we do things right from the beginning, we can significantly reduce our impact while delivering excellent, high quality performance workwear. 

Currently nearly 40 million workwear garments are provided to wearers across the UK every year, 90% of which end up incinerated or in landfill. Waste, CO2 emissions, and the use of non renewable resources are the main issues faced by the textile industry in the creation of polyester workwear. 



We believe in Project Plan B's mission to make the term 'no end of use' a reality for the corporate workwear industry. We want to be part of the positive change, pioneering a closed loop recycled polyester system where virgin polyester is no longer required, eliminating waste and reducing CO2 emissions. 

By using recycled polyesters we can reduce the CO2 emissions by up to 79%, limiting the use of non renewable resources while removing the issue of waste and incineration. 

We believe that designing with the end of life in mind from the beginning means that problems are solved before they are created.



The use of Project Plan B’s recycled polyesters can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 79%.

Reduction in the use of non-renewable natural resources. 

Reduce your carbon footprint as part of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Certified garments carry the Project Plan B mark, identifying as designed to be recycled through Project Plan B.

Wearers benefit from being part of this positive change for the environment. 

Your business will help revolutionise the textile industry.









The design process is key to the circular solution. Each garment is designed with the end of life in mind. Every fabric, trim, accessory, thread and label are carefully selected to ensure a high standard of recycled material suitable for reuse.

The designs are then made by our long lasting manufacturing partners, which are independently audited and regularly visited by the Project Plan B team. 

Tough and durable garments, designed for performance and longevity. Tailored specifically to each client's needs using technologically advanced recycled fabrics.

When the garment eventually comes to the end of its wearable life, it is returned to us and sent back to Project Plan B for sorting.

Garments that are identified by the Project Plan B designed to be recycled mark, can be turned back into raw polyester using their recycling facility.

The polyester can be knitted or woven into fabrics, ready to be made into new garments and other high value products. Nothing is wasted and 100% of the garment is returned to be used again and again. 


Join our closed loop system to enable your business to play a part in positive change for the environment, help revolutionise the textile industry and reduce your carbon footprint as part of corporate social responsibility.

Closed loop design and manufacturing

We offer a design to delivery service, with full manufacturing and end of life recycling. Our designs will carefully consider the recyclability of each garment, using our selected recycled polyester fabrics and trims. 

Circular Consultancy Advice and support

Our team will meet you to discuss your current model and offer bespoke advice and support tailored to your business. Meetings can take place in person or over the phone. Support can be ongoing and customised to your requirements. 

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