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Who are we?

Branded Workwear is the corporate wear division of The Cotton Textile Company. As a team we design, curate, produce and distribute bespoke clothing and accessories for many of the UK’s biggest fashion, lifestyle and sporting brands. Branded Workwear benefits from the knowledge and expertise of the wider team allowing us to provide a solution for your organisation’s workwear and uniform needs. From simple polo shirts through to technical clothing our clients range from local and regional retailers to tree surgeons working on the UK’s biggest infrastructure projects.

Industries we supply

Multicolored Spools of Thread

About Us

Branded Workwear is proven to be beneficial to employees not only ensuring their safety in the workplace but also by encouraging the feeling of belonging and team work. Indeed studies have shown as much as a 40% increase in sales when the teams started to dress in corporate colours…. So can your business afford to not dress properly…


As a business that is working towards B-Corp accreditation we have a full range of eco-conscious fabrics and clothes available to you. Combine this with a free recycling service for our clients and your business will be able to prove your carbon usage and in many cases, carbon reduction.


To see how we can improve your uniforms and workwear and help with your earth friendly goals please call 01277 714888, email or use the form below.

Send us your logo

If you provide us with your logo, we will handle the rest and create customized garments perfectly tailored to your brand's identity and style.

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